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Athlete Management Platform (AMP)


AMP is a digital platform to help National Sports Federations/Organizations manage Interactions and Engagements with Athletes and Officials in an Efficient, Seamless and Holistic way. Everything from Athlete Registrations to Event entries to Event Planning will be automated and digitized, making the whole operational process efficient, reliable, fast & economical.

It allows the Sports Federations/Organizations to issue a Unique ID and paid memberships to the athletes, coaches and technical officials there by bringing everyone related to that sport under a single roof.

Athlete Management Platform (AMP) : Features

A.M.P is based on 4 core value propositions. All features of A.M.P is designed to deliver on these value propositions

Features of AMP

Unique Identification Number (UID)

  • UID will be given to every registered athlete/official on ‘apply & approved’ basis.
  • To maintain uniqueness, it will be based on several inputs such as Name, DOB, Gender, Father’s Name, Email and Mobile Number.
  • UID will be a permanent, lifelong number throughout the athlete’s career, similar to AADHAR number.

Athlete Dashboard

  • Every registered athlete will be given an exclusive dashboard.
  • Through Dashboard Athlete can enter and withdraw from Tournaments/Events.
  • The dashboard displays the details of the athlete and her/his upcoming events.
  • The Dashboard will also capture the career performance history & details of the athlete on a year on year basis.
  • It will also contain a circular box where BFI can send mass messages to athletes

Official's Registration

  • Registration system of officials with specific input fields corresponding to their roles.
  • Every registered official will have his/her dashboard.
  • Federation can communicate to officials through mass messages on their dashboard.
  • Officials can view the upcoming/completed events through their own dashboard.

State Association Dashboard

  • Each state association will be given a login and exclusive dashboard
  • State associations can send teams to the national events
  • State association will be able to view and partially edit the contents of the athlete from their respective state
  • State associations will also able to view the details of technical officials and coaches from their respective state

Payment Gateway

  • Dedicated Online payment gateway will be integrated with the A.M.P
  • Secure, Transparent & Fast online payment options for players and officials

QR Coded Certificates and Entry Tokens

  • Participation certificate/Merit certificate will be QR Coded and printed through ORS system
  • A digital model of the certificate will be displayed in the website on scanning the QR code
  • Event entry slips/tokens for the player/state will be printed with QR code
  • Completely addresses the problem of forged & duplicate certificates

Anti-doping Flag System

  • A player can be flagged in his profile based on the NADA and WADA clearance
  • The number of tests taken by the player can be recorded in the player profile thereby creating a history of his/her anti-doping activities
  • The Anti-doping profile of an athlete is accessible only to the NSF and respective state association apart from the player himself
  • The administrator has the access to flag/block the player based on his anti-doping profile

Notifications & Real time Alerts

  • Alerts & notifications to all registered athletes, officials and state association administrators through
  • SMS (credits to be purchased)
  • Email
  • WhatsApp (credits to be purchased)
  • Group messaging from NSF/State Association through A.M.P platform


The registration forms of athletes and officials can be language customized

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Local Language (on request, case by case basis)